30 May 2011

Jambone and Fromage

Thursday started off with a team breakfast at the hotel. Breakfast is always a challenge for me... I try to cook an egg to start the day off with some protein, but I fail miserably every time. There is always a basket of raw eggs and a 'tub' of boiling water next to it. Your supposed to put an egg in a wire scooper and place it in the boiling water. How we are supposed to know how long to leave it in for is still a mystery to me. I've decided from now on to stick to yogurt and cereal. It's much safer!

Everyone took their horses out in the morning when we got to the show, then there was a long break before showing began. Every day the class that went after lunch ended up being pushed back at least an hour. I guess the French like to have plenty of time for a lunch break. Since most French people don't seem to understand English, or even attempt to understand English, my French has been forced to improve. I am officially an expert at ordering a ham and cheese sandwich (since it was the only normal thing available to eat).

"Je veux un sandwich au jambon et fromage. Merci beaucoup!" 

Finally we started showing... 

Meg O'Mara kicked off the day with a 3rd place on her second horse, Smeagle, in the junior class. She went near the end of the class and they actually announced her as taking over the lead, but when the class finished and she supposedly won, they randomly forgot to count the scores of two people who went early on.... :-(

Next, all the young rider horses competed in the PX Conseil General de la Marne. It sounds much more impressive than it was, in the states we call it a 1.40 power and speed haha. It did however turn out to be a very competitive class with all the young riders doing it and most having two horses. USA secured our rightful places right away taking six of the top ten placings out of 70-something! I ended up winning the class on Vandavid, Karen Polle took second on With Wings, Jessica Springsteen took third on Cincinnati la Silla, Reed Kessler took seventh on Onisha, Ricky Neal took ninth on Transmission, and I took tenth on My Boy. 

Finally, both Meg and Victoria took an unlucky four faults in the final junior class of the day but finished respectively. 

The weekend is off to a great start for everyone! 

Photos and more coming soon!

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