18 May 2011

Just the Beginning...

Yesterday was a whirlwind. I started off the day with my first train ride ever. My seat faced backwards but it was such a smooth ride you would never have known it. So smooth I actually fell asleep and didn't even realize we had arrived in Brussels! The nice stewardess woke me up and said in a nice English accent: "Excuse me ma'am, I don't mean to wake you, but we have arrived in Brussels..." Startled, I jumped up and realized I was the only one left on the train. Oops!

I arrived at the show only minutes after the horses. It was straight to work form there. It was already late in the day and we still had to set up, put up the American flag, and I had two horses to ride! By far the best part of the day was getting our USA gear. We all got really nice polo shorts, baseball hats, and the USA rain coat that all the big tour riders get! Thank you ARIAT!

Finally we all made it to the hotel and got paired up in the rooms. If you didn't know your roommate very well, you certainly will by the end of the week as the two single beds are pushed together to make one! We had a little trouble getting inside our room... eh'hm... you will see the picture below. Haha.

We had a team dinner just down the road at an Italian restaurant where the menu was in Flemish/French and the last time I checked I was in Belgium.... hmm. It's going to be a long and educational five weeks.

Today we did a mock jog in the morning, rode, and then conquered the real jog in the afternoon. Before the real jog we took a road trip to try to find a grocery store. The small corner store we found near the show had gold fish and animal crackers! It was quite exciting! Other teams started moving in at the show today as well so it was interesting to see what countries would be here.

Tomorrow we have a late start. Most horses go in the last class of the day at 6pm.

I'll try to update again as soon as possible!


View from the train

The flag

Our proud setup

THE chair


The lorry jump!!! 

'Trouble getting in the hotel room' 

2011 European Young Rider Team
Karen Polle, Meg O'Mara, Victoria Birdsall, 
Reed Kessler, Catherine Pasmore, Jessica Springsteen, & Ricky Neal

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  1. This is a very nice team photo! And it has been very interesting to read your blog (which I've kind of done backwards). Like riding along...for those of us not lucky enough to go ;)