23 May 2011

Nations Cup & Grand Prix

USA placed 2nd in the Nations Cup Saturday afternoon! 

Jessie Springsteen put in a flawless double clear, Catherine Pasmore contributed a clear and a four, Ricky Neal and Reed Kessler both had a rough start in the first round, but both came back and pulled out a four-fault round to finish. We lost by only eight faults so a good lesson was learned by all. You really have to fight for it no matter what. Even if you have had three down in the course already, you can't give up because that fourth rail down can be the four-faults that cost the team the gold. Everyone was a little disappointed we didn't sweep the ENTIRE show, but all in all the team rode phenomenally all week and it was a fantastic experience for all.

USA placed 5 in top 10 of the Grand Prix!

Catherine Pasmore finished 2nd, Jessie Springsteen finished 5th, Ricky Neal was the fastest four-faulter and finished 8th, Reed Kessler 9th, and Karen Polle 10th. Although our National Anthem wasn't played one last time, I think it's safe to say USA prevailed.

Both Juniors also placed in the top 10 of their Grand Prix as well! Victoria Birdsall put in a great double clear to finish 2nd, and Meg O'mara had the final jump down in the first round but finished as the fastest four-faulter!

All the horses have today (Monday) off and Tuesday afternoon we are all on to Reims, France!

Photos coming soon!


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  1. Hi Catherine -- I'll send you this message through Facebook, too.

    I'm looking for an old friend of mine who used to work at Pasmore Stables and you're my only lead right now. Her name was Ginny Anderson (Andersen? can't remember the spelling for sure.) Full name Genevieve.

    Any idea where she went after that? Please reply here, through Facebook, or email to jen@beware-of-art.com

    Oh and also... good luck and enjoy the tour. Sounds fabulous!