21 May 2011

USA Dominates

USA is off to a great start in Bonheiden!

Meg O'mara won the first Junior class and Victoria Birdsall placed only a few spots behind. Yesterday Meg O'mara was winning again all the way until the end of the class and then got bumped to second. It wasn't the end of the world, I think all the other riders were getting sick of only hearing the US National Anthem being played at the end of every class!!!


Reed Kessler won the first young riders class, Catherine Pasmore (I) placed second (Grrr), and Jessie Springsteen placed 5th. The class didn't start until 7pm and there were 75 in it! By the time 20 came back for the jump off, we were jumping in the dark with no lights in the ring! We practically needed night vision goggles! 

Reed & Catherine

Karen Polle kept the winning streak going for USA yesterday winning BOTH young riders classes! She was focused on winning and left no room for anyone to catch her. She won the final class by multiple seconds! Jessie Springsteen finished second. 

Karen & Jessie
Every ribbon is hot pink, so as you can imagine the USA banner is getting quite full of hot pink ribbons! 

Today is Nations Cup day! 
The order for the team is Catherine Pasmore, Ricky Neal, Jessie Springsteen, Reed Kessler. 

Fingers Crossed! I'll update again asap to let you know how it goes! 


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