30 May 2011

When in Champagne...

When in Champagne... One must visite des caves de champagne de Reims! 

Pulling up to the show in Reims, France Wednesday morning was like out of a movie. The town the show is located in is actually called 'Champagne' and it is the champagne capital of Europe! Katie and Henri planned a visit to Madame Pommery's champagne cave for all of us, but we had to ride the horses and pass the inspection first. The show is beautiful. Everything is on grass and the main arena is very impressive looking.  

Waiting for the Jog
[Catherine, Jessica, Ricky, Victoria]
The Main Arena
We are by far the most organized team during the jog. Each horse has a USA scrim to walk up to the jog, each rider wears their matching USA polo and tan britches, Sarah Cohen (our team vet) holds all the passports and hands them in one at a time as each horse is brought up, AND we are always first in line. We were in and out in a jiff and on to the champagne tour we went! 
View from the show
Veuve Clique
Team USA
The bottles waiting to be turned by hand!
I can't believe these exact bottles will be on store shelves in just a few more years! 
The different sizes
The 'antique' cellar / Never to be sold bottles
Some date back to 1874! 

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