29 June 2011

Hagen: Future Champions

Hagen, Germany was our fourth and final competition of the tour. It's known to be one of the most competitive young rider shows. Everyone sends their best teams to Hagen. A lot of countries were using Hagen to make their final decisions for their team for the Europeans (comparative to our North American Young Rider Championships). Both teams we lost to at the first two shows, Great Britain and The Netherlands, were there with basically the same team members. The pressure was on.

Most of us had good placings in the first few classes of the week, but no major victories were had. We were saving up for the nations cup!

The team was decided as Catherine Pasmore (me) and My Boy, Karen Polle and What Ever, Reed Kessler and Onisha, and Jessica Springsteen and Vornado. Lucky for me, USA drew first to go, which meant I was literally first to step foot in the ring.

I actually don't mind going first. I walk the course, make a plan, and execute it. There isn't time to watch other people go and second guess your plan. I rode a clear in the first round, and had four faults in the second. Karen rode to a twelve fault score in both rounds. Reed had four faults in the first round but came back to jump a clear in the second round. And Jessica had eight faults in both rounds.

It was close, but unfortunately we let both teams beat us again!!! We tied for third behind The Netherlands and Great Britain. Obviously we wanted to win, but third at Hagen is still respectable. And best of all, we still won coolers for third place!

Photos to come...

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