15 June 2011

Sports Psychology with Tini

The Nooren family was kind enough to invite all of the team members and any family members who were around to their home for a home-cooked meal before we left for St Gallen. Mrs. Nooren cooked a beautiful multi-course meal consisting of a typical belgisch appetizer, the most delicious lasagna I've ever had, and home-made whipped cream with fresh-from-the-garden strawberries. Everyone was so happy and felt right at home.

Just before dinner we had a meeting with a sports psychologist and friend of Michele Grubb's, Tini Nicholai. She had a lot of interesting information. There is always a reason for why you feel one way or another and if you take her Reiss Profile test she can tell you what those reasons are. By taking the profile test, she can give you your own 'owners manual.' She says if you are constantly with someone or train with someone whose profile is extremely different from yours, than that person will constantly be "taking water out of your bottle." She can also tell you by looking at your profile what things to do to "replenish your bottle." Only a few of us were brave enough to take the 100+ question test. Michele took her's again and Meg, Victoria and I took it too.

Here are some beautiful pictures from around the Nooren's farm during the week off:

Little lamb with a diaper to go in the house
One of the many old barns turned chicken coup 
Walking to the ring
Stealing chocolate croissants by the dozen from the hotel 
Walking path around the paddocks
Tricked out groom's van. Brought a lot of attention on the road- not all positive! :o
Jane's salon is officially open for business!

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